Letter Home – January 4, 1944

19440104-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

How’s everything back home? OK I hope. The weather here is pretty miserable but not too badly. We live in a large Pyramidal tent now so it not so bad at all. Nothing much happening now to write about so its pretty hard to write a letter. Mail is awful slow. I haven’t had any mail for some time. We get to see a show once in awhile and that’s about all of the recreation we get besides playing cards. I read in most of my spare time. What all have you and dad been doing? Here I was talking about mail, and we had mail call. I received a letter and your Christmas card thanks a million. I also received a card from John Collins and he is sending me a subscription to the Coronet magazine. I also got a few other cards. I saw am I sure have been sweating out whether or not my bedspreads ever got home in time for Christmas. Goodbye and write.

Your Son,

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