Letter Home – January 4, 1943

Dear Mother & Dad;
Hear goes another letter. I surely hope you have herd from me so far. Boy thats one thing I wish you would tell the people back home to write me. That’s one thing that you look forward to, and thats mail call. We had a swell New Years Day. The dinner was just about like home. We even had turkey for dinner, with all the trimmings. New Years eve night we had the scare of our life. Some new Battalion has moved in near us and New Years Eve night they shot off some TNT and you should have seen us hit the dirt. Boy it scarred us to death. It sounded just like a bomb falling. We went over and really raised heck with them. One of the fellows even turned one of their officers in to our battalion commander. If they had of landed like we did they wouldn’t want to be going around making loud noises. We have mass in our own area now, so we don’t have so far to go to church. Say mom will you give Margret Behrens my address and also send me hers and Mrs. Fleshner’s. Tell them all hello for me and I am thinking of them even though I don’t write to them I have wrote them a couple of letters but I suppose they have moved before it got home. I am going to send you home a check that Mr. Kuhn has sent me. Just cash it and put it in with the rest of my money. Use all of my money that you want to as it wont do me any good. Now don’t either of you go worrying about me, as I have told you before I am well and here is nothing to worry about. It will take about a year to get this mess cleared up, so don’t expect me home until next Christmas. I have lost Buds address also so you can send me his also tell Mrs. Nelson to tell Bud hello for me. My last letter from you was dated Dec. 10th and you still havent herd from me yet. Well I guess I had better close for now so write to me when you have time and I will always be thinking and praying for you both.
Just me your son “Chick”

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