Letter Home – January 21, 1943

Dear Mother and Dad;
Well here goes another letter tonight, but I don’t have much to say. We had a band concert the other day, and it was really swell to hear good music for a change. It was put on by the — CENSORED — field artillery, and they played many popular pieces. The weather here has changed a little lately and the sun is shining a little more. I’ll be glad when it shines most of the time. We have been playing volleyball of the evening. Headquarters platoon has 18 but were not very good. We are all too small for the other teams and we get less practice.
I went over to the dentist the other day as I have had 82 is bothering me. When I was having the dentist fix it, he found a another one that he thought was causing the trouble. You remember the one with a big crown? Will the crown came out so now I have to have it pulled. He said he could fix it, but it would keep on giving me trouble. He has been fixing my teeth ever since I have been in the army and he is just about the best dentist I have never been to.
What all have you and dad been doing? You said that you haven’t ever heard from Rita. Well I haven’t either so you have nothing on me. I suppose she has done the wrong, ha, ha. I don’t care as I can always find someone else when I get back home. I bet Margaret flesh dinner will feel pretty badly about it but she can get over it. There is just a chance that her letters have went astray or that mine have but I doubt it. I will let you know definite one of these days. Dilfer get to tell Margie Behrens to write to me and send me her address. Goodbye to you both and I’ll be loving and thinking of you both all of the time. Keep praying for me and I’ll be home one of these days.

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