Letter Home – January 1, 1945

19450101-Lscan-600Happy new year Mother & Dad,

Well I wonder what the new year has in store for us. I’m afraid I spoke out of turn when I said that it wasn’t any snow here. Well we now have a blanket of snow, and it’s still cold. It didn’t get a chance to start the new year off by going two a mass. It seems as though we are on the move or something or another win Sunday’s roll around. Also if the fighting is hard and the Germans are still shelling the town we move into, there’s not any one that wants to go to church. I received three more packages today. So that brings by total to 32 packages for Christmas. Not bad. What all did you and dad do to New Year’s Day? Did you eat out? We had Turkey for dinner but I am afraid I didn’t get a very good piece. I got a back and there’s little me on a pack. Well guess I’ll bring this to a close. It’s about my bed time, and as I stayed up two see the new year in I’m a little sleepy. By By

Your Son,

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