Letter Home – February 19, 1944

19440219-Letter ScanDear Mother & Dad,
Nothing much to write about but I have received three letters from you today so rather than get way behind I will answer them now. They are Jan 20 & Feb 5 & 6 I think I have told you before that I had seen Paul Wilson. No I haven’t seen Harry McQueen yet but when I can I’m going to try and see him & Russell Law. Russell Law was the boy that I gave my paper route to when I carried papers for the News Gazette. So Joe is homesick all ready, ha ha. Just wait until he sees action, if he ever does and then see what he has to say. After so long a time you just of the times you had at home. I’m glad to hear that you all had a nice time up at Esters. You & dad should go every place you can. Well mother & dad, good bye and I love you both very much. Will write again soon
Your Son,

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