Letter Home – February 14, 1944

19440214-Letter scanDear Mother & Dad,
Well today is valentine’s day. I didn’t realize it but we had a mail call and I received a couple of valentines. Man! Oh Man! But its cold here of a night. Wow! I have my combat suits, overcoat, and wrap a blanket around me to try & keep warm while on guard. I have received a few packages from you. The pipe, comic books, four rolls of film and others but I just can’t think of them at the present. I have all of your letters saved so one of these days when I get time I will write a letter and answer all of your questions. Yes I still get the Champaign paper Okea. I give it to Joe Waters when I’m through with it. I know Snook is near me but I doubt very much at the present if I will be able to see him. Goodbye and I love you both very much.
Your Son,

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