Letter Home – February 11, 1943

19430211-600-LscanDear Mother and Dad

Hello mom and dad, what have you been doing today. Things are just about the same with me. Not much is happening. I got another lead on Paul Williamson and maybe I’ll get to see him yet. We went to a show put on by the Red Cross. It was all French actors and they tried to talk English “slang”. Ha, ha, you should have heard them. We all got a big kick out of it and at least it was something different. Ask Billy if he has a “funny” books and send them to me. Also if you can get me a Pancheo pen paint send it to. Did you ever received the check I sent home. If you ever send me any more candy be sure it chocolate and not hard candy. We get hard Christmas candy here in our rations. Goodbye an I have received all of your mail so far. Dad drop me a line.

Your Son “Chick”

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