Letter Home – February 2, 1945

19450202a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well today it is “Ground Hog Day”, and I’m sure he will see his shadow here. Did he see it at home? Mail is really mixed up here, and late to. I’m still getting Christmas cards, and here it is February. Received a few letters from you that were dated Dec 19, Jan 8,9,14,16th. So all in answer all of your questions. Yes, Mom and Dad I know its Rita and me for it, and I still think she should write more often. Lazy or not lazy. Ha ha, I have to laugh when you think I might marry one of these Gals over here. Don’t worry your head about me. There is a reason why I don’t want anyone to read those papers I had tied up. Someday you can read them, but not until I say so. That break I wrote Rita about was when 19450202b-Lscan-600we were on the defense at Strasbourg. I have told you before, but I received 39 packages for Christmas. I also received a package yesterday with one can of soup, catsup & candy. Well Mom you told me how all my letters came home and I know I wrote to you more than that. They must have been lost somewhere along the line. No mother, we haven’t a chaplain with us. They are all with the infantry. Once in awhile we are near where they say mass and I always go when I can. There must be about 7 Catholic Chaplains in the Division. No mother Rita’s letters just don’t take a long time to get here, she just doesn’t write. Yes, I received the package, Mrs. Nelson had the olives in. I have the stove & pots, but I haven’t any use for them right now. It will come in handy someday. Yes, the Breunig boy payed me for the 19450202c-Lscan-600pictures.

Say you know I never did write & tell you much about these people here. They don’t claim to be French or German either one. They say their Alsaca. They speak a mixture of French and German together. Most of these people wear wooden shoes. That doesn’t hold true for the people in the big cities. They dress Okea. I have taken a few pictures of girls in the Alsacian Costume. They only wear them for special occasions and dances. You should see me dance over here, ha ha. They do nothing but twirl and about the second dance I’m finished. Now don’t get me wrong and think we get to do this all the time. We went to some dances at Strasbourg while they celebrated their liberation. Had a lot of fun.

19450202d-Lscan-600Well she’s warmed up a little here now, and the snow is melting. Boy I hate to think of it when it it really thaws out.

Say Dad, you remember Don Brown that worked up to the store. He was in the 28th Division. Well I saw a boy out of his outfit and he told me that Don was missing in action. You know he was up north and must have got trapped when the Germans broke through up there. Well maybe he was captured. Hope so anyway.

For the first time this winter were out in the woods for a bivouac area. We usually stay in buildings but the buildings are either blown up or burnt down. When the Germans leave a town, they either burn or destroy what’s left of the town.

Guess this is all I have to say for now so I’ll say good by two you both. I’ll write again when I have time. By By, and I love you both very much.

All my love
Your Son,

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