Letter Home – December 8, 1944

19441208a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

Boy I have just finished taking a bath in a bathtub. First time I’ve ever been in one of those things since I was home on furlough. Seem funny to climb into a bathtub. I went to mass today as it was a holy day of obligation. It was a beautiful cathedral and I’ll tell you all about it some day when I can.

But times have changed again. This time to the better again. What do you know I have found another girl, ha ha. She’s really swell and also speaks English. It’s more like being home again, but also brings back memories. Her mother makes me bring my laundry over and treats me 19441208b-Lscan-600as a son. Their son is the same age as I, but he is in the German army.

They really treat me swell. Margot is the girl’s name. All us, tell dad that there are a lot of Bruns’s in Hanover, ha, ha. Ha, ha, I told a little fate of the and said that dad came from Hanover, so that’s when they told me of the Bruns’s being there. With all the bombing that’s going on there I doubt if there’s many left. They have told me a lot about Germany & what to watch out for. The people here are funny, they are so full of German propaganda that they are partially afraid of the Americans. It was just luck that I am at this girl, and of course when you’re in the army, you never know when or where you will go next. So they will probably be forgotten like everyone else.

19441208c-Lscan-600You wanted to know how many Christmas packages I have received so far. 17 two day and at the rate they are coming and I’ll probably beat last year’s record of 29

How’s everyone at home, Okea. I’m fine in the best of health. It seems funny that I have been overseas so long, yet it doesn’t feel long to me. I only hope the war is over by this spring so I’ll make it home by next Christmas.

I was going to send you & dad fifty dollars a piece but you know how I am in giving money for presents. I’ll just wait until I can find something to send & if I can I’ll then send you the money.

By by Mom & dad. I’ll surely be thinking of you both Christmas & I’ll say all of my prayers for you at mass. I love you both from the bottom of my heart, and no one could ever take your place.

Your Loving Son

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