Letter Home – December 5, 1943

Letter Home 1943-12-05Dear Mother & Dad,

You won’t have to worry about my allotment anymore. I hope by now that it is fixed up. Our company clerk wrote to Washington about it, so they will get it straightened out. Just let me know how the checks keep coming in until it really does get straightened out. I am going to fix a box up in a couple of days and send some things home.  I have my negatives so when you send them away to have them developed have two copies made and send one copy to Mr. Brewing. Did you have the other prints made? Did did you send them? There is very little to write about here.  It’s just about the same old thing. ha, ha, It’s still rains every day and the mud here is about the gooiest mud I had ever been in. I received a couple of more packages today. Mom I don’t know what I’m going to do with it all. By the way, please send some more comic books goodbye.

Your Son

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