Letter Home – December 25, 1943

Letter home 1943-12-25 aDear Mother & Dad,

I have been thinking of you both all day, and wondering what kind of Christmas you had. I bet it was swell. As for me, well I guess you can call it another day. We had a swell dinner though and I had all of the Turkey I could eat. I went to 9:00 AM mass this morning. It is raining out at the present time. Did you have a white Christmas? Let’s hope and pray that next Christmas we will be together. I wish I had something to write about so I could at least write a decent letter to you.
I received another package and your letter with the clippings in it. Congratulations on you making president mother. The letters were dated November 21 in December 2. Mail here is all messed up. So far I have received 28 Christmas packages. Your last package was swell. We celebrated Christmas eve last night with some champagne, and the cheese “It” came in very handy. Thanks also for the Fannie Mae candy. I’ll try to answer some of your questions. There for about two months I never did get to go to church, but lately I have been going all the time. It just depends on the conditions of things. The church’s our beautiful here. It’s really hard to explain in a letter. I have all ready sent those clippings home that I wanted you to get for me. Just follow the papers mom and you can’t tell where I am. Even when we are in a rest camp we are not far from the front. I think I told you before that I received the tea bags. Received Mr. Kuhn’s money order yesterday. Not much, but it helps $10.00, ha ha. Dad go ahead and send me the Kay Woodie and if you can run across another K.W. someplace, send it also. New one I mean. Maybe Esther can find some and Chicago.
Write and tell me what you received for Christmas? Well I guess I had better call it quits for now so goodbye to you both and I love you both from the bottom of my heart. May the new year bring us all the happiness in the world.
Your Son

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