Letter Home – December 25, 1942

Dear Mother & Dad,
Here it is Christmas day and I have been thinking of all of you, so I had better drop you a line. I went to midnight mass last night and I also went again this morning at 10:15am. I hope by next Christmas I will be home. We have had a happy Christmas considering everything. You should have seen the way we trimmed our Christmas tree. Here we thought that we were not going to have a tree but right at the last minute one of our officers brought on in Boy did it make me happy. We spent about 5 hours trimming it. Here is what all we had on it. Tracing tape, Hard tach biscuits, Life Savers, cigarettes, bull Durham candles, tangerines, lemons, Caliber 30 and 45 shells. We even made a star out of candy life savers and also spelled out “Merry Christmas to ‘A’ Company” at the bottom of it. We at least had fresh meat for dinner. We had hamburgers fries & carrots, potatoes, gravy and wine to drink. Oh yes we also had candy, gum and cigarettes. We played ball in the afternoon and at night we lit the Christmas tree and sang songs. In all we had a grand day. You ask in your last letter about Paul Wilson. Well I don’t know where he is but by the time you get this letter maybe you will already know. I wish you wouldn’t worry about me as I am fine and can take care of my self OK. Good by and lots of love to you both. Tell everyone hello.
Your son “Chick”

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