Letter Home – December 22, 1944

19441222-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

The well it looks as if the damned old Germans tore down our play house. We were to have a swell time Christmas. But no, now we will spend Christmas in the field. The people really counted on us being there are to. The family that I was visiting cried when I told them I was leaving. I was treated like a son by them. They want me to come back and visit them after the war. For the first time I really enjoyed myself. I doubt if I’ll forget that place. Boy all of the Fellows are just sick because we had to leave, but that’s the army. But I’ll write you and tell you the kind of Christmas I did have.

The weather is not so bad now days. It’s foggy and damp, but not too cold. I wish for people at home working in war plants would get on the ball and put out some work. This war is a long way from being over. By By Mom & Dad & I’ll write more later.

Your Son

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