Letter Home – December 2, 1942

Dear Mother & Dad & All,
Well I haven’t wrote to you for some time now, but there’s just not a thing to write about. We have been given strict censor orders and there’s not a thing you can say. I might as well write I am OK and well, Love “Chick”. I sling a little bull to fill up the space. You can tell every one that I’m short on paper so not to expect many letters from me. Tell them all hello for me thought. I know that most of my letters were censored but let me known if you knew where I was in Africa. I am still in the –CENSORED– part of Africa and that’s about all I can tell. Now I know you and dad are both worrying about me but stop that. You know I can take care of my self and I’ll be home soon. At night we listen to the German propaganda and boy do we get a laugh out of it. Let me know if you received those pictures I sent home or not. If you didn’t, someone got some great souvenirs. I’ll try to draft you a line from time to time but don’t expect too much. I received my first over sea mail the other day but it was a month old. Good by and I love you both.
Your Son “Chick”

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