Letter Home – December 12, 1943

Letter Home 1943-12-12Dear Mother & Dad,

Received your letter of November 23. I will try to keep up with your letters in then I won’t get as far behind. Ha, ha. Have you figured out what army I’m a in yet. You and Gee surely have a time. I’m glad you and dad had a nice time at the banquet. Did they ask about me. Well I’ll be home in about a year so then we can all go out together. I sent you another box the other day. Not much in it, but I had to send my negatives home, and I put Mrs. Goldsby’s cake pan in. There is also a locket for Gee, and a little metal that I got in the cathedral at Naples for dad. I never send Dad anything, but there is nothing to send him. There is also some lava and ashes from Pompeii. Keep all of these for me. I went to 9:30 mass this morning. Hey! I had a letter from Snook in and it sounds as if he’s he may be here in Italy. He may be a different section as I haven’t seen his outfit yet. But I still think he is in England. Goodbye and I love you both very much.

Your Son

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