Letter Home – December 12, 1942

Dear Mother & Dad & All,
Here I am allowed only one letter for Christmas so you tell everyone Merry Christmas for me. You and Gee take my money I have at home and buy every one a present that I would buy if I were home. Gee, get Rita something nice and send it to her. All of my letters will probably sound funny but you just can’t write a thing in your letters. I am still somewhere in Africa and that all. I was in town the other day and had a swell time. I haven’t been to town for a month so it was quite a treat. They have a U.S. Service Club there so its just about like home. The weather here is just about the same. The nights are cold and damp but the days are swell. Say! If you want to send me some thing, here it is. I haven’t had candy for so long that I would give any thing for some, so if you can please send me a box of Baby Ruth or Oh Henry’s and some Tootsie Rolls I would appreciate it. How is everyone at home? Ok I hope. I am fine and I fell swell. I bet it’s pretty cold back there now. Dad keep all of my guns oiled as I would hate to let them get rusty. Well I guess I will close now and I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and may the next Christmas find us all together again. I will be thinking and loving you all. Take care of your selves and don’t worry about me.
Just me ‘Chick’

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