Letter home – August 27, 1943

19430827-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well I have been pretty busy the last few days so I haven’t had time to write. We are making out requisitions for clothes and equipment lost in battle. We have it pretty nice again now, but you never know what what’s in store for you. We get good eats now at least they are better than ‘C’ rations. My waist dropped from 30″ down to 27″ during the Sicilian campaign eating ‘C’ rations. This is the only kind of food you get while in battle and eating the same thing three times a day gets old. I was even lucky if I ate one can. Now we get ‘B’ ratios & yesterday we had steaks. Pour me I just had to go back for seconds, ha, ha. We may get to go town soon, at least I hope so. There is nothing you can buy here anyway. How’s everyone at home? Okay. Tell everyone that I think of them even though I never right. Once you get out of the habit it’s hard to get back in. Goodbye and I love you both.

Your son “Chick”

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