Letter home – August 22, 1943

19430822-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Things are pretty quiet around here now so I will write you a few lines. How is everyone at home, Okay I hope. I’m fine also. There is a very little to write about as we stay and VF lack most of the time. I went to mass in Tam today. We drove this we drove their bite truck. It was really a beautiful church it had six altars in it. The mass the main altar would fit the main altar would put the altars in our church at home in shame. It was all of marble trimmed in gold. I would have loved two had a picture of it. Yesterday we all went to the beach swimming. I had a lot of fun and the water was swell. I told you before we do nothing but lay around now. I am finally caught up on my letter writing. If you cannot find the crooked stem pipe them for me just send a plain Kaywoodie it will be all right. Goodbye and I love you both.

Your son “Chick”

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