Letter Home – August 12, 1944

19440812-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

The weather has taken a change for the better today. It’s really swell out. It has been cool and windy as could be. It has a train for some time now and the dust is terrible.

Well I had a big mail call the last two days. It seems as though everyone wrote me a letter. I received 24 letters & cards and three packages from you, dad, Gee, and a pencil from Mildred & Claud and. Also a couple days ago I had a package from Rita. I got quite a kick out of her package, as she sent me some Spam. Ha, ha, if she only knew how we love spam here, but she didn’t know. Same way a lot of Fellows get shoe polish kits & neckties. That’s something a combat soldier never sees or uses. I would know how to act back in garrison again.

Boy I will have enough candy to last me a month now. Thanks a lot for all of it. I guess I might just as well ask for some more kit to tamales and popcorn.

I am enclosing my campaign ribbons and might good Conduct Medal ribbon. Hope probably lose them over here so it’s better I send them home. We haven’t been issued the battle stars for our campaign ribbon, but when we go get them I’ll send them home & you can’t put them on the ribbon for me. Guess this is all for now.

Your Son,

PS. I’ll put the stars on the trip and myself and then send it to

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