Letter home – August 10, 1943

19430810-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Here we are still plugging along. I imagined by the time this lettered gets home this island will be in our hands. At least I hope so, then maybe we will get a rest. How is everyone at home, OK. We had a mail call the other day and I received a flock of letters and papers. I thought sure the comic book is in candy would calm but it didn’t. I also got a letter from Aunt Lillie and. Tell Mrs. Fleshner that she has a letter on the way. Dog gone I just never find time to write to her, but I have a picture for her. I see in the papers where a lot of the fellows are getting home. Going home will will never when the war. I would just as soon stay and get it over with as I can go home for good. Well so long for now and I’ll write again soon please don’t worry!

Your son “Chick”

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