Letter Home – April 6, 1944

19440406-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well I have some good news for you. I have been over to see “Snook”. He was just a little ways from me but it’s awful hard to get the time. We had a nice talk together. Maybe we will be able to see one another again one of these days. Now we have come on to something that we can use all our “C” ration biscuits for. Usually we throw them away because they are so hard and don’t have any flavor. Well today I tried something, I soaked the crackers in water and then fried them In grease. They tasted just like doughnuts, boy were they good. I fried them and Joe waters was the fellow that soaked them. We couldn’t get over it. Now we never will throw our biscuits away. Guess that’s all for today. Nothing new to write about. Goodbye and I love you both.

Your Son,

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