Letter Home – April 26, 1945

19450426a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Here I am late again. But I know you know the reason. Move, move, move, that’s all we know, but as long as it brings this war two in and, I’m all for it. I have even been trying to typed letters off in carbon copies to try and catch up on my letter writing but I just can’t do it. I still have about 40 letters to write yet. When I’ll get the time I don’t know.

At the present time we are set up in a small village. We moved in right after the infantry, so we were the only troops in town. I suppose everyone will be moving and tonight. Ha, ha, I really get a kick out of these people. 19450426b-Lscan-600They think we are going to kill them. At least that’s what their told by the SS troopers. We go up to the houses & ask for guns and eggs. We seldom get any guns, but boy do they snap to. We use to give the French & Italian people every thing we had for eggs & chickens. Here we just ask and they bring them to us. We say thanks and take off. They just give you a grin, but I bet they would like to slit your throat, ha, ha. Anything you ask for if they have it you get it. They are really scared of us.

I feel sorry for the kids, but it was the kids in the last war that are fighting us now. They are some good families, but you don’t know the good from the bad so you just don’t trust any of them.

Guess this will be all for now so I’ll say good-bye & tell everyone a low for me & I’ll write them when I can. By By All my Love.

Your Son,

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