Letter Home – April 19, 1945

19450419a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well I’ll try an answer your questions the best I can. Hope I get caught up one of these days. The letters I am answering are dated Feb 18,Card,22,23,25,26,28 March 3,4,6,8,card,9,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,26,29.

Some of the questions have been passed over and over so I’ll just answer them wants I didn’t know about Eli’s death until I came back to the company. It’s too bad. About Don Brown’s outfit. They were up in Belgium, and after they had the stuffens kicked out of them, what was left came down to help us a little. I ask one of the fellows in his company about Don and all he knew was that he 19450419b-Lscan-600was missing in action. So he is probably a prisoner. Our division freed some of those prisoners not long ago. Who knows maybe Don might have been among them. Things are going too fast for the Germans to give out information about prisoners of war to the Red Cross. So all you can do is tell his wife to just hope and pray. Yes, Mom I’m back with the Seventh Army now. So Charlie is getting longer & longer, ha ha, I’ll bet he is a monster. Yes I still get the News Gazette okea. I was quite surprised to hear that Champaign got second. Wish they had of won the state for a change.

The weather is really nice here now. It’s warm and little rain. One thing I like about being in Germany, is when 19450419c-Lscan-600you come into the town, you kick the people out of the house and take over. I have slept in some pretty fair bets lately. Now that I have caught up with you on my mail I’ll try to stay ahead. Sometimes it’s hard though. Had a couple of letters from Rita, but I’m still in doubt about her. She should write much more than she does and I know it. Haven’t much more to say so I’ll bring this to a close. Goodbye to you both and I love you very much.

Your Son,


PS Say Dad how did you make out on your basketball pools.

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