Letter home – April 19, 1943

19430419-LscanDear Mother & Dad,
Well here goes again. Have little to say and not much time to stay in. We are kept pretty busy here now. It seems like one day just ends and another one begins. I wish I could tell you all that we do and that way I would have an interesting letter home to you. You wake up before day break, eat breakfast and start out. You get in around 5:30 or 6:00 PM at night and by the time you eat chow, shave and wash its time for bed. Today is Sunday and I had just come home from mass. Sundays are just like all days but they have mass of an evening. Today we went out working and when noon time came we got the afternoon off but we were 12 miles from home. So we spent our afternoon off by walking home, ha ha. Boy was I tired. Well this is all for now. Tell every one hello and when I get time I will write them. I’ll be loving you both.
Your son “Chick”

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