Letter home – April 14, 1943

19430414-LscanDear Mother & Dad;
Right now I’m dirty, cold, just finished eating some good old army stew and wishing I was home so I could take a nice long hot shower. Instead I will have two settle for a bath in a bucket, ha ha. Oh well you are supposed to be rugged anyway. What is Snook doing? Has he left the states yet? Tell Gee I’ll write him just as soon as I get time. slowly, but surely, I’m catching up on my letter writing. Hey Dad did you get in on any more pools up at the store? How did you come out? It looks as if the war over here will soon be over. Well for my part it all can’t be over too soon for me. Well mother and dad I had better close now. Goodbye and I’ll be loving and thinking of you both. Tell every one hello from me and have them write.
Your Son ‘Chick’

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