Letter Home – May 4, 1944

19440504-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

What do you know Snook was down to visit me. We spent the whole afternoon together. Funny part of it was I had a few jobs I had to do so I put him to work. He said he wasn’t coming down to see me anymore, ha, ha. We got out all the old pictures and got a big kick out of looking at them. I was over two see him the night before and didn’t expect him down as soon. Well we made us a shower today. Pretty crude but it serves the purpose. We have the battalion shower system set up but you get so dirty walking back that it doesn’t do you any good to walk over. Now we can take a shower whenever we get time. Guess that is all for now. Had a letter from Pat Smith and she thinks you and dad are tops. Bye bye, & I’ll write soon

Your Son,

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