Letter Home – May 28, 1945

19450528a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well it’s been some time since my last letter to you, but there is little to write about. I’m having a swell time here. But boy I surely hope I make it home soon, but I’m afraid I’ll be essential. There is no one in the supply but me so it will take a couple of months to break in a new kid. I know you want me home, but you know how it is. At least you know I’m safe.

Say Pop we really have a ball team again this year. I have just come from playing a game.  Picked up $30.00. Not bed eh. Boy I’m really getting old and 19450528b-Lscan-600I’m slowing down. Didn’t think this army could affect me that much but I guess it has. Knocked a ball that should have been a home run, and I just made it to third, ha ha. The main thing is that we won, and that what counts.

Well mom I have gone and fell in love, ha, ha. But there’s no use of you to worry, because she 19450528c-Lscan-600is an Austrian girl and it costs us $65.00 to fraternize with Austrians. She is really a wonderful girl, and I know you would like her very much but, well in it’s just not in the books and I’m afraid both of us are going to have a broken heart when I leave to go home. Her family treats me like there own son. In one way I feel pretty guilty. You see when we first came here to Salsburg, I put my supply room in their house. We stayed for a couple of weeks and then they came out with an order that all civilians had to be put out of all houses that any soldiers were in. So out they went. They hate the Americans for it, but they don’t hold it against me. For the last two Sundays now we have went on a picnic up on the mountainside. We really had fun. Her grandmother has some children in America. I thought you would like to know what I’m doing over here so you wouldn’t worry so. Woe is me and my love troubles. Pore Rita thinks I’m coming home to her, and Pat Smith thinks I’m coming home to her. Look out Charlie!!!! They would all be surprised if I brought this girl home, but it’s impossible, and I know you’re glad of that, ha ha. Guess I’ll call this quits for now, will write more later. By By.

All My Love

Heres her picture, what do you think of her. Save them for my book.

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