Letter home – May 26, 1943

19430526a-LscanDear Mother & Dad;
Being as I have little to write about I will try and answer some of your letters that I have kept with me before I burn them up.  I had a a letter from Rita for a change and she still loves me, ha, ha.  So that helps out some.  Some of the letters I have lost so I won’t be able to answer all of them, and I’ve left some in my other barracks bag when we had to store them before going up to the front.  Well here goes.
February 2, 1943  yes mother I sent Kuhn’s check home did you ever get it?  It was in a registered letter.  I have an allotment for $45.00 are you receiving it yet?
Feb 8, dads letter, tilt Charlie Shepherd that I 19430526b-Lscanreceived his card and thank him for me.  Illinois sure had a good ball this year, didn’t day.  Did you do a good job on painting the house.
Feb 10, well I see by this letter that you never received my check, OK.  Yes I heard from Rita.
Feb 12, I received a watch and tobacco
Feb 15, it’s rather hard for me to number my letters mother, but I’d try and write to you every Wednesday and Sunday.  Yes I am still in the supply.  Your V-mail letters came the fastest
Feb 18, yes they have sung garden here.  This part of that country is mostly all farmland.  They grow just about the same fruits ANS California.
Feb 22, dads crash it be coming along pretty good now.  Yes, Tony Pynz brother is here with me.
Feb 23, yes we get our pay regular.  We are paid in francs.  I have about 200 in soldier deposit over here.
Feb 26, if you have a chance to get sister Jane’s address and send it to me.  Will this ANS all of February letters so the next time you I will catch up on the others.  Goodbye an I’ll be loving you both.
Your Son Chick

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