Letter home – May 23, 1943

19430523a-LscanDear Mother & Dad;
Well maybe I can get back to writing you two letters a week again.  I have just came home from a swim in the sea.  We have went swimming just about every afternoon this week.  Yesterday the waves were very hot I and they would knock you for a roll each time they would hit you.  They were sure tired when we were ready to go home.  Not much is happening around here, so there is little to write about.  When I get caught up on my letter writing I will try and answer all of your questions in your back letters.  I only have about eight more to go, ha, ha.  We have been having some free shows here at the different areas.  Some of them have been p19430523b-Lscanretty good.  So far I have received about six or eight papers.  There is a boy here from fill a grove, so I’d give them to him after a im through with them.  I went to mass and communion this morning, first time in about a month.  I just couldn’t make it before.
Say!  I forgot to tell you before, but you can write on the both sides of your paper as they don’t censored your mail.  It’s just hours that gets sensor.  That way you can save on paper.  What all have you and dad been doing?  Dad I’m waiting on a letter from you.  Right now I can just see you and mom setting outside.  Mom’s reading the Sunday Paper an you are smoking a cigar listing to the ballgame on the radio.  Mom is probably hollering that you to turn it off and get some other program, ha, ha.
Don’t forget to call Mrs. Piddle and tell her to have warm and write to me as I have lost his address.  Also don’t forget the comic book, candy, and V-Mail form.  There it is one kind of V-Mail form that is black and printed only on one side, a specially for soldiers overseas.  See if you can get that kind and if not the other one will do.  Well it’s getting child time so I had better close for now.  I’ll write again soon.  Goodbye and I’ll be loving you both from the bottom of my heart.
Your Son “Chick”

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