Letter Home – May 19, 1945

19450519a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

How’s things at home today? Here it is nine o’clock and it’s still daylight out. Boy I’m running myself down to a frazzle, ha, ha. It stays light to long now days. Not much to do. I work most of the day. Should be caught up in another week or so and then I can’t take it easy. We are going to get our company ball club into shape so we will be able to play some games. Maybe we can get a team like we had at Anzio. We have eight of our team players left from the team we had at Anzio. Should be able to pick up a little extra money playing ball.

It sure gets hot here during the daytime. I’m starting to 19450519b-Lscan-600get a good tan. Remember how I looked when I came back from down south on my vacation. If I keep on, I’ll be just as black. Boy that’s one thing I’m going to do when I get home and that’s rest for a couple of months.

I know you want me home mother & dad, but I doubt if I make it for some time. Probably about Christmas. Anyway it beats going to the Pacific. That’s one place I don’t want to go. I have enough points to get out on, but it’s going to take time to find someone to replace me. Well guess this is all for now so I’ll bring this to a close. By By, and I’ll write again soon.

Your Loving Son

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