Letter home – May 13, 1943

19430513-LscanDear Mother & Dad;
Boy will ever be glad when I can write something in a letter. You have all been trying to guess where I’m at but you are all wrong. You should probably tell where were I’m at by the way I write my letters. I can’t say much in a letter but hello and goodbye, well you can understand. By the way, there is a E large shell holes close by that you could drive a 2 1/2 ton truck into. I sure got a kick out of that English tommies. Well mom and dad goodbye for in now and I will try to write more soon. Tell everyone to keep writing an I will answer their letters the first chance I get. You can stop worrying for a while now as they African campaign is finished. I’ll be loving you both.
Your Son ‘Chick’

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