July 6, 1945 – Friday

A4P100-6-600Didn’t go to bed all night as we had to get up at 3 o’clock any way. Lore and I talked till time to go. Poor kid cried and cried and I didn’t feel so good myself. I really got to know her well. She treated me like a king, always doing something for me. She hung onto me till the trucks started to leave and I had to run catch my truck. We left at 4 o’clock. We were on the road all day. It’s a good thing Lore fixed me something to eat on the way as I got hungry. We stopped at night at Mannheim, Germany. It was raining and we had to pitch pup tents. It flooded our tent out so we moved into an apartment house. We only got to sleep 3 hours as we had to get up at 3 o’clock again.

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