July 1, 1944 – Saturday

SONY DSCWorked on my books again, getting things straightened around. Wrote a few letters and went to bed.

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  1. Adria Martinez says:

    So impressed with the video and
    meeting thru it “Chick” Mr. Bruns
    Would have liked so much to discover
    this site earlier to share this photo
    I found recently of these service men
    at Port Lyautey in 1944.
    Most probably he knew
    one of them.
    If anyone knows these men by their
    Names, please call me and I will send you
    a photo of the 3 in 1944, as do not know how
    to post it here.
    Names on back of photo:
    Wyatt, Ray
    Korsonowski and Frank Gee

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