January 27 1944 -Thursday

SONY DSCMy God! My God! This morning was worse than last night. It started at 5 am. I got up and went toward the beach. Three bombs hit and knocked me down. I got up and ran back to the barracks to get Joe. As I got to the back door down came a bomb and slammed me up against the building. I got up and took off again. We heard two bombs whistling down so we hit the dirt. They just jarred us a little. Soon the raid was over and we came back to the barracks. We are moving the first thing this morning and I’m the happiest guy alive. I don’t mind the raids in the day time, but at night I don’t like it at all. We had just left and here came Jerry. Their bombs just lit behind our barracks that we were in and killed some Negroes and blew part of it up so it’s a good thing we left. They have had five raids so far today so we have missed out on quite a lot. We have a front row seat to watch the raids and then see our planes intercept them and shoot them down. We pitched our tents and went to bed.

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