February 22, 1945 – Thursday

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SONY DSCJust the same as yesterday. Plenty of work and no time for anything else. Went down to the gym and played some basketball for a while. Came home and I was tired. I went to bed.

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One Response to February 22, 1945 – Thursday

  1. Just a few words of amazement. Saw “Chick” on news today and ran to locate info on my husbands father. It is as follows: Robert Franklin Ahlgren, Montana, U.S. Army, July 1942 thru May 8 1945 , From Glasgow Scotland to Eng.to North Africato Sicily,Itally, France, and Germany, with the 343 5th Army Engineers,GS, receiving a groupPlaque and Clasp in May of 1944 . I am agressivly reading your diary I would like to know more about Bobs travels as we have so many photos without names and a lot of memorabilia Bob brought home. Keeping in touch < Thank you for what you are giving us. RET. SGT Danny Franklin Ahlgren, USMC

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