Feb 1, 1943 Monday

Entrance to Chellah

Well today I have something to say for a change. In the morning I had a tooth pulled. Boy I had to laugh when I think of it. While the dentist was pulling my tooth I was thinking of some silly pictures of how dentists pulled teeth. Well this tooth had to come out that way. He pulled and pulled, yanked and yanked and still the tooth didn’t come out. He used every kind of instrument he had. He even used a hammer and chisel to split the tooth with but he got it Out. In the afternoon I went to see “Chellah”. It was an old Arabic and Roman ruin which dated back before Christ was born. I had my camera along and took a few pictures. I saw many interesting things though. Tonight the 39th Field Artillery band played for us and could they ever swing it, Wow! I guess I’ll write a couple of letters and then read awhile. We are suppose to move to Port Lyautey this week Sometime.

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