December 8, 1943 – Wednesday

SONY DSCNot much to do today.  Bundled up some underwear today and that was about all.  Started working on an Engineer requisition and then went to look for coal.  Stopped off at the 30th Infantry to see if I could find Harry McQueen, but he had gone to Mt. Climbing school.  We then went to look for coal.  We went clear upon the 45th Division front.  Beyond there own artillery and up as far as we could here machine guns fire see the artillery shells bursting. Jerry was also shelling and some hit pretty close to us.  I’ll be dog gone if we didn’t have a flat tire right out in the middle of everything.  Jerrie took a couple of shoots at us and missed.  We soon had the tire changed and came home.  Ate chow and then I popped some corn.  Wrote a few letters and went to bed.

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