Dec 25, 1942 – Friday

Christmas Tree

Today is Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone and may we find the next one at home. We had a merry time last night trimming the tree. We did not have a thing to decorate it with but soon it was loaded down with things. Here is some of the things we put on it. Tracing tape, Life savers, streamers of life savers, biscuits made into stars. Cigarettes, Bull Durham, matches, lemons, tangerines, candles, bullets cal 30 and 45, waste for snow, tinfoil. We also made a star out of candy and put on the top of the tree. When the gang saw it they sure looked funny. Last night the company commander just about cried when he saw it. We went to midnight mass and there was a large crowd. Way more than I expected. I went to mass again this morning and then we put some candles on tree. We had hamburgers & wine for Christmas dinner and cheese for supper. A good meal Ha, Ha. We are going to set around the tree tonight and sing. Most of the fellows of group three are arriving now so we are having quite a time greeting fellows. Merry Christmas again to everyone everywhere.

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