Dec 10, 1942 Thursday

Here we have been here about a week now and I have forgot to mention that we are bivouac in a cork Forrest. It takes so many years for it to be time to cut the cork loose again. They are shipping it back to the states. I wrote a letter home but it came back as most of it was censored. You just can’t say a thing in your letter. It makes it awful hard to write them too. Not much is happening today. We straightened out the gas proof clothes and found out that most of them were wet from being dumped in the sea when we landed. Now we have a good job of drying them out. e played foot ball till dark and then played cribbage till the lights went on the blink. We then hit the hay and I do mean hay as we sleep on straw ticks to keep us off the wound. A lot of the fellows are getting sick from the damp ground. We have it lucky as we sleep in the supply room large tent. Its better than a pup tent but suppose it will leak when it rains as it is an I.C. tent.

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