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Chick - JohnYesterday, after almost 3 years, my father’s WWII Diary came to a close and my daily journey with dad concluded;  but my journey with his experiences will continue.   My hope is to continue to publish photos, video and audio that I have collected and share more about his adventure on his website, FaceBook, twitter and through public presentations.

I can’t express my heart felt thanks to all who contacted & encouraged me throughout this project.   It has been a honor and pleasure bringing this to you.

John Bruns

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  1. Michael says:

    I love this blog. I’ve been following since Anzio. Thank you for sharing this with us. You created a wonderful thing.

  2. Michael L. says:

    Thank you John, and to your father, for creating this incredible view into history. I’ve been reading your blog almost daily for at least two years now.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Virginia says:

    I must admit, although I was happy when your Dad arrived home yesterday, when I read his final closing I was saddened. I’ve been reading and following him for so long now and suddenly I will have no blog entry to read first thing in the morning. I did miss the very first few months…any chance you could just restart it all over again? 🙂

    • John Bruns says:

      You can start reading at any invasion point in the war by choosing it from the left menu. Happy reading!

  4. Don McDonald says:

    Thanks John for taking us on this journey. Thank you Chick for serving those years away from family and home.

    A forever thankful American.

  5. Betty & Earl Plotner says:

    We’ve so enjoyed the journey thru WWII with your Dad and for that we: THANK your Dad for the dedicated letters he did as a young man during the war to his parents! I can only imagine the joy his parents had with each letter they received from their son in a part of the world they had never been where a war was going on! He was very faithful to let them know he was doing okay & can sense in his letters he didn’t want them to worry @ him, making conditions sound very “tolerable” when I’m sure sometimes it wasn’t quite that way! And Second: THANK YOU JOHN, for all your time compiling and putting all these letters and pix in chronological order in such an awesome presentation for us to just “click & read”! How wonderful this would be for teachers to share w/their students when teaching history! To read personal accounts for me, and I’m sure for all, just adds to the reality of events! Will look forward to more pix when you post them! Please tell your Dad “Thank You” & that we enjoyed his daily readings!

  6. John Dixon says:

    When someone says thank you more than once, it tends to loose its meaning. So, at the risk of loosing any meaning, I once again want to say thank you to Chick and John for allowing us to ride along on this incredible journey.

    I’m going to miss the daily updates and the history lessons learned along the way.

    John Dixon

  7. Mershon Atkinson says:

    Wondering if your Dad ever returned to N. Africa, and or Europe?

    • John Bruns says:

      Dad has always said he had no interest in returning. He felt he had seen enough the first time. He did go on an Honor Flight which was an emotional event for him which you can see by selecting the top menu item.

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