August 29, 1944 – Tuesday

SONY DSCHere we are waiting to go again. Boy this is the life. Move, move, move. The infantry just keeps rolling along. We moved after supper to the other side of Montelimar. The infantry had just shoved the Germans out and the dead were laying all over. We passed one convoy of German trucks that was parked double on the road that was about 1 km long. They really lost the stuff. Stayed in town a little while. I talked to a beautiful girl there. She was 21. She wanted to know if we were going to bivouac there for the night. If so, she invited me to sleep at her house. She said I looked as if I needed a nice soft bed to sleep in for a change. I met her mother and father and we had a little wine to drink. We talked till time to move out. They all kissed me on both cheeks and wished that I could come back to visit them some, but that’s the last I will ever see to them. God but the girl was sure pretty. She looked better than some of the movie stars I have seen. Her complexion was perfect. We pulled into our area and went to bed. It looks like rain so we stretched a tarp out.

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