August 18, 1945 – Saturday

We turned in our sheets. Had a council. Drew our clothes. Got paid and had our final talk. Received our discharge. Now I am a civilian. I walked out the gate to meet Harry. He was the last person I saw when I left the States and the first one I saw when I came back. Now that my army career is over I will bring this to a close.

The End

Geneva Barber (sister) ,Johanna Bruns (mother),  Chick Bruns, Francis Bruns (father)

Geneva Barber (sister) ,Johanna Bruns (mother), Chick Bruns, Francis Bruns (father)


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7 Responses to August 18, 1945 – Saturday

  1. Beth Godsey says:

    What an amazing journey Uncle Chick. I will ask John if the Harry you saw before and after was my dad or my grandpa.

  2. John Dixon says:

    What a journey Chick! – As a boy I heard WWII stories from my Dad (north Africa), but your daily diary brought them to life for me.

    Thank you and your generation for their service to all of us who still benefit from your sacrifice today.

    John – thank you for all the work that went into reposting the diary. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad.

  3. Bonnie Specchio says:

    Loved reading the diary. Please start the posts over again – I missed the first few years and looked forward to it each day. Thank you for your service Mr. Bruns!

    • John Bruns says:

      Bonnie, The entire diary is still available. Look to the right and you can select which invasion you want to start at and catch up on what you’ve missed.

  4. Marty Buehler says:

    Mr John Burns, thank you for sharing this story of your dad in this manner. It has been extremely interesting and insightful about those many days 70 years ago. Mr Chick Burns, thank your for service and glad that you kept this diary for 70 years, all the while probably never thinking what a treasure it would turn out to be.

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