May 17, 1944 – Wednesday

Same as yesterday, train, train, train. I took a bath and went over to the Battalion a couple of times. We played the 81 Recon “C” Company tonight and won 4 to 1. In the last inning I hit a home run with two men on. Wrote letters and went to bed.

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2 Responses to May 17, 1944 – Wednesday

  1. Michael Fitzgerald says:

    Chick, at the time this letter is written, are you guys training on the Anzio beachhead? Have allied forces begun to break out and secure areas in the mountains where the Germans had been shelling them from?

    • John says:

      Michael, Talked with dad and he shared that at this point they were still on the beachhead. During the day they would fill the mountains with smoke so the Germans couldn’t see them and they were able to do most anything in the open, a different story at night. He also said the Germans would shell them by maps since they couldn’t see and it was random where they would strike. The push off toward Rome will occur later this month.

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